About Trinity St Andrew's United Church


Trinity St Andrew's United Church (TSAUC) is a 175 year old space with soaring acoustics, gorgeous windows and warm,antique wood. In 2019 TSAUC updated its audio visual system to deliver state of the art, beautiful sound for all genres of music.

A perfect venue for the music you love!

TSAUC is a safe space, fully accessible. All are welcome. Check out our website (social links to the left)

events-Brighton is a subcommittee of the TSAUC council, committed to delivering quality entertainment to Brighton and surrounding areas

for more information, or to book a concert please email tickets@events-brighton.ca

Driving instructions:

Take 401 exit 509, County Road 30 south to Brighton. That road has several names. In downtown Brighton it is Prince Edward Street.

TSAUC is on the west side, just south of Highway 2